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Clean Lean Protein - the ideal every day protein supplement


Clean Lean Protein is the ideal every day protein supplement.
Free from dairy, whey, gluten, soy & GMOs.

Clean Lean Protein helps your body with...

All Natural, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegetarian

Whether you require a protein supplement for sport, for weight control, or simply to support good nutrition – you’ll find Clean Lean Protein has the advantage.

It has the World's Highest Protein Content of Any Vegetable Protein
At up to 90% protein content, Golden Pea protein isolate beats soy, carob and rice protein, and whey concentrate.

It's Alkaline
With a pH reading of 7.8, Golden Pea protein isolate is the ONLY protein in the world that is Alkaline. Maintaining alkalinity is necessary to help preserve muscle tissue, improve bone density, and delay the impact of lactic acid build up, thus allowing athletes longer periods of exertion.

It Helps you Feel Full and is Very Low in Fat and Carbohydrates
If you’re trying to control weight, NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein is ideal. It contains only 1.3% fat, has very low carbohydrate levels. It also provides satiety (feeling fuller for longer) which helps when you're tempted to snack on the “not-so-good”.

It is Highly Absorbable
Clean Lean Protein has a digestion rate of 98% making it one of the most efficiently digested proteins available. More important than how much nutrition you are taking in is how much you are actually absorbing.

It's Complete - Containing All Essential Amino Acids
Vegetarian protein sources sometimes get a bad rap for not being ‘complete’. NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein contains ALL NINE essential amino acids - the ones the body does not produce itself and must obtain from food sources. So it’s is a “complete” protein. Plus there are a further 9 aminio acids.

It's Low Allergenic and Contains No Bad Stuff
Many people suffer from allergies and intolerances to a range of common foods. Egg-based and dairy-based proteins are all considered to have high allergenic potential. Clean Lean Protein is the low allergen alternative.

It’s FREE of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Sesame, Egg, Mustard, Nuts, Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Preservatives and GMOs.

Suitable Also for Vegans and Vegetarians
Clean Lean Protein is 100% Vegetable - no fillers.

It's Ethical and Sustainable
NuZest Clean Lean Protein contains no animal products, is not genetically modified, and is produced from a sustainable food crop that benefits not just our well-being, but that of the planet!

Five Great Flavours to Choose From
Clean Lean Protein comes in 5 great flavours: Just NATURAL, Smooth VANILLA, Creamy CAPPUCCINO, Rich CHOCOLATE, and
Wild Strawberry. Yum!

  • Growth
    It’s not just for muscle; your hair, skin and nails also use protein to grow and strengthen
  • Repair
    Protein is essential for repair of muscles and tissue damaged from exercise and everyday activity
  • Strength
    Protein aids in the development of healthy muscle tissue to build strength
  • Vitality
    Protein is vital to every cell in your body; it is the basic building block of life and is a source of energy
  • Happiness
    Protein even affects your mood. Deficiency can be a factor in depression.

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