Tanna Farms

Grown on family farms at the edge of the sea and at the foot of a live volcano, coconut palms thrive in the rich soils, ocean breezes, abundant sunshine and tropical rainfall of Tanna Island.

Tanna Farms Coconut Oil is produced from organically-grown coconuts. The oil is hand-pressed and there are no nasty chemicals processes used in production, meaning the coconut oil in your Tanna Farm jar is the made way nature intended – all natural.

The Biogro symbol on the jar attests to the purity of Tanna Farms products. The oil is made without naturally sourced ingredients and you can be sure there is no nasty bleaching or deodorizing chemicals used, there are no GMOs and definitely no pesticides or herbicides anywhere in the process.

It's just 100% natural, 100% handmade from a 100% renewable source. It will transform your food and your body.

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