SOS Hydration Drink Mix - 10 Pack - Watermelon
Medically developed and scientifically proven formula equal to an IV drip. Allows the body to absorb 3x more water than water alone.
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Medically Developed Formula
3x More Electrolytes, 6x Less Sugar, and 6x Less Calories Than Competing Brands For More Effective Fluid Absorption and No GI Distress.
Absorb 3x More Water Than Water Alone.
Non-gmo premium ingredients - no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
5 Great Tasting Flavors - A Unique Feature Among Electrolyte Replacement Products.
Use To Improve Sport Performance and/or Fight Fatigue From Work, Travel and Illness
Keto certified by Paleo foundation.

When to use:


If you’re working hard then replacing electrolytes is important. Electrolytes are what make sweat salty; if you lose too many your neural system won’t function properly. This can lead to problems with your heart, blood pressure and breathing. Drink about 500mL of water with 1 or 2 sachets/scoops of SOS for optimal hydration and balance of electrolytes for recovery.

Daily Use & At Work

While asleep we can lose over 1kg (2.2lbs) of water-weight through respiration and sweating, so SOS in a glass of water will help kick-start your morning. Dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Adding SOS to your water throughout the day will combat the drying effects of air-conditioning and makes it easier to get in your 8-cups of water! 

Air Travel

The humidity on a commercial airliner is between 10-20 percent. Breathing in dry air makes the throat less effective at expelling viruses and bacteria which can make you more susceptible to infection. Drink a minimum of 250mL/8 ounces of water with SOS for every hour that you’re in the air. It can also to be beneficial to ‘pre-hydrate’ in the days leading up to a big flight to ensure that your body is prepared for the stress of flying.


Ever wondered why the headache and dry-mouth from being dehydrated feels a bit like being hungover? Alcohol is diuretic, which makes dehydration one of the contributors to a hangover. SOS in a glass of water next to the bed for first thing in the morning will absorb rapidly to replace the electrolytes lost from increased urine production and help with a dry-mouth.

Sickness, Viral & GI related support

Never the fun one to talk about, but SOS and its high concentration of electrolytes and zinc play a key part in recovery from illness and maintenance of electrolyte balance for those with gastrointestinal conditions.Diarrhea & vomiting and fever from viral infections dehydrate. To help speed recovery, frequently taking an SOS helps you hydrate and as such get back to being well.  Remember SOS is safe for the whole family.  SOS also plays an important role for those needing increased electrolytes throughout their day.  Conditions such as Gastroenteritis, short bowl syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD & IBS), Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and POTS disease would all benefit from SOS.

Optimum Balance of Electrolytes

Our formula meets World Health Organization standards for an Oral Rehydration Solution. That means SOS is as effective as an IV Drip for combatting mild to moderate dehydration. 

Get More From Water

SOS is an hypotonic drink, which means it has a lower osmolarity than blood. Osmolarity is the balance between sodium and water in the body, and our solution allows you to absorb 3x more water than from water alone.

A healthier sports drink

Each sachet/scoop of SOS contains only 10 calories yet has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less sugar than typical sports drinks. 

Increase Physical Performance

A 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can reduce athletic performance by up to 20%. Our rapid rehydration formula helps maintain energy and focus for peak performance. 

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