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SOS Hydration

Dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue.

Make your water work as hard as you do with the help of SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix.

How your body absorbs water:

The first portion of the small bowel is the Sodium/Glucose co-transport system. When fluid arrives there, one molecule of sodium is pulled from the small intestine into the blood vessels by a corresponding molecule of glucose. Consequently, due to osmotic forces in the body, water is absorbed as it always follows sodium.

What is Osmolarity?

Osmolarity is the balance between water and sodium in the body. The normal (isotonic) osmolarity is 290mmol/L. The lower the osmolarity, the faster the body can absorb water. High glucose concentrations can increase the osmolarity of drinks.

SOS has lowered the osmolarity and stabilised the taste – a complex challenge that no other rehydration drink has currently managed.

SOS’ osmolarity is 230mmol/L, which means we are a hypo-tonic drink.

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