Nurokor devices target pain at its source, providing fast acting relief by penetrating deep into the joint and tissues helping to ease aching, injured and sore muscles. The latest medical evidence in the palm of your hand. We see the time is fast approaching when our first wellness choice will be to reach for devices, not pills. The bioelectronic technologies in all NuroKor Life Series devices can activate the body’s own mechanisms for treating inflammatory diseases like arthritis, aiding in stroke recovery, improving circulation in diabetics, promoting wound healing and helping to manage pain. Just some of the benefits: - Seamless & ever present body-natural painkillers, with no side effects. - Supports your body’s own healing and recovery processes - Targeted treatment - application pads get to the source quickly
  • MiTouch
    Devices built for life.
    Painkiller, recovery, treatment, performance.
    NZ$ 599.00
  • MiBody
    Physical Therapy Device
    Small, discrete, simple-to-use and ultra-wearable. Scientifically formulated to exactly hit the target.

    Painkiller, Anti-inflammatory, Recovery
    NZ$ 210.00
  • NuroKor Life Series Pads Medium
    Approved replacement product for all NuroKor Life Series devices.
    NZ$ 18.00
    Out of stock sorry
  • NuroKor Life Series Pads Large
    Approved replacement product for all NuroKor Life Series devices.
    NZ$ 22.00
    Out of stock sorry
  • KorBand
    NuroKor BodySystem Accessory.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • KorGlove
    NuroKor BodySystem Accessory.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • KorShoe
    NuroKor MiTouch Accessory for your feet and legs.
    NZ$ 69.00

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