NuroKor MiTouch Accessory for your feet and legs.
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The KorShoe Kor Accessory works seamlessly with the NuroKor MiTouch or BodySystem device to enhance the relief of chronic and acute pain in the ankles, heels, legs and feet. KorShoe also helps treat and aid recovery for painful foot conditions. Can be used to enhance relief of chronic and acute pain in the ankles, heels, legs and feet. KorShoe also helps to improve circulation and stimulate muscles, speeds the warming up phase or after exertion and to ease tired, painful muscles or sore feet.

  • Use them after Sport and Exercise to help you recover quicker
  • Use them in the morning to boost circulation or increase mobility
  • Use them for a relaxing foot massage and rejuvenate after a long day on your feet
  • Use them for travel, for work to improve circulation, reduce swelling and help lower the risk of DVT
  • Use them to ease numbness and increase mobility in the lower extremities
  • Use them to harness the power of your incredible BodySystem


Regular. Length 295mm


1x Pair of KorShoe

Use responsibly and only as directed.

Please refer to the Info sheet for safety warnings and contraindications.

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