At this point in time, given that we supply Fast Moving Consumer Good products, we will remain open through the month ahead.

In terms of our preparedness activities, we put the following measures in place:

  • All office staff are working remotely
  • Our warehouse team are now working under strict social distancing protocols
  • Access to our office and warehouse has been restricted to staff and courier drivers only
  • We have increased and implemented heightened hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Our team have worked tirelessly to ensure our supply chains locally and internationally are secure and supported

Rest assured, we will continue to endeavour to do everything in our control to maintain a regular supply of products for you.

Our online store remains operational and you can shop as normal.

We have been advised by New Zealand Post that whilst they remain operational, we all may experience some delays in deliveries, depending on possible network interruptions and prioritisation of urgent services.

We apologise for any inconvenience in advance and will do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible.




Health & well being books we love - written by our friends.

  • The Empowered Eating Handbook
    Stop Dieting - Start Listening

    A book by Michelle Yandle
    NZ$ 25.00
  • 99 Things You Need to Know to Lose Fat
    By author Cliff Harvey - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Mind-Body Therapist. Simple tips to help you lose body fat, gain muscle and improve your vitality, health and wellness!
    NZ$ 19.95
    Out of Stock Sorry
  • A Diet for Seven Generations
    By Author Michelle Yandle - A Diet For Seven Generations is a deep breath amongst the chaos that is the weight-loss and wellness industry today. People are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the latest and best dietary theories, and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of things slowing down.
    NZ$ 27.00
  • The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet
    By author Cliff Harvey -
    In The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet, Cliff Harvey presents a simple and effective, evidence-based guide to eating for health and performance—without having to count calories.
    NZ$ 34.95
  • The Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook
    This 276-page cookbook by Anna Sward is full of amazing recipes, pictures, and tips and tricks for getting creative with your protein powder!
    NZ$ 34.90
    Out of stock
  • Time Rich Cash Optional
    [an unconventional guide to happiness]

    By author - Cliff Harvey
    NZ$ 29.95
  • Time Rich Practice
    By author Cliff Harvey - “As practitioners we are in the enviable position of doing something we love. We have the opportunity to help people to become healthier, happier, fitter and stronger. "
    NZ$ 29.95
  • What The Fat? Fat's In, Sugar's Out
    It’s time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia. This book is more than just a diet plan or a cookbook – written by the Fat Professor, the Whole-food Dietitian & the Michelin-trained Chef – it’s a new way of eating that will change your life. For good.
    NZ$ 39.95

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