Temole Almond Chips are made with freshly crushed almonds. One of the most nutritious seeds in the world, almonds are packed pull of vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidants. Oven baked and gluten free, Temole Almond Chips are an easy, on-the-go snack full of fibre and protein. What more could you want from a tasty bag of chips?
  • Temole Almond Chips Barbeque
    Combining a classic BBQ flavour and freshly crushed almonds into a nutritious crunchy snack!
    Box of 12 x 40g bags
    NZ$ 66.00
  • Temole Almond Chips Sea Salt
    Temole Almond Chips in a delicious Sea Salt flavour. Oven baked to perfection!
    Box of 12 x 40g bags.
    NZ$ 66.00
  • Temole Almond Chips Sour Cream
    Prepare your taste buds for this little bag of goodness. Sour cream flavoured almond chips, what more could you want?
    Box of 12 x 40g bags
    NZ$ 66.00

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